Tune of the Month Winner
July 2017


Trial of the Accuser


This is one of the latest tunes I wrote for the upcoming Legions Await album. The song title is kind of a placeholder until the lyrics for the song are written. The album follows a concept and is part of a three piece story line that incorporates the previous two albums. The gear used on this was the usual AxeFX 2 and my 7 string "all-natural" mahogany Carvin with Bareknuckle Juggernauts strung with 10-46s and a beefy 74 gauge low A string (it's quickly becoming one of my favorite guitars). Let me know what you guys might recommend on some mixing/production advice as this will definitely be sent off to one of our buddies in Phoenix for engineering mastery. The thrashy section toward the end has two solos (the first one is my bandmate, Austin, and the second one with the opening arpeggio lick is mine).  Also, this song will definitely have vocals, but I thought I'd let you dudes hear it without them this time around. ;)

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