"Happy To Be Alive"

Life sure can be great sometimes, can't it? Then again, sometimes we get dealt a bad hand and we can hate life pretty fast. But ya know, sometimes those bad hands make us who and what we are, and of course life is what you make of it. Just remember, any time you think you have a problem, there's some poor person in this world that has one a million times worse! Man, I'm just happy to be alive!

This is happiness to me everyone. You know, the sounds of children at the beach, that good feeling you have inside when everything in your life is where it's supposed to be. Your family and friends alive and healthy, music in your life, a new girlfriend or a new car or house. 

I'm a very happy man probably 20 hours 7 days a week. The other 4 I sleep of course. :) I felt like sharing my happiness with you in song. I wanted to do a theme oriented piece here that spoke for itself. Not much tech goin on here, but definitely one of the best theme pieces I've ever written. I needed a very triumphant and majestic ending here. I tried asking God to send me a choir of Angels, but I couldn't afford them. So I searched for a few keyboard samples to simulate what I was looking for. No dice. :*( So, I decided to simulate the Angels myself and sing 15 "ah's" per side to give that choir effect. It's only there for a few secs, is in key, and no lyrics were don't bash me. :)

I used old faithful "Goliath" on this one. That huge 25 space flight case of mine full of goodies. I've not fired him up in about 3-4 years to record with it, but I sure am glad I did. The heart of the distortion is a Digitech 2101 limited edition tube pre-amp. I tabbed this in my C tuning and The Jonezter edited it for standard tuning..thanks KC!

For bass, I used the Bass pod and am quite happy with it. For drums, what a nightmare! LOL! I've not played since my album came out in 1999, so this was quite an experience to which I still have blisters all over from. Anyway, I used Roland V-Drums on this, without any quantizing. I went for total human feel here. It's not perfect, probably won't hang around too long here, but it sure is happy and reflects my true personality. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for stopping by.

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