This is one I've been working on for ages. I thought I'd give it a shot in prowar as this is probably the best that I can do with my recording 'skills', and I've spent so much time on it that I've definitely given it my best shot. Production is definitely not my strong point; I'm actually looking into getting some tuition on recording software, as I'm sure with a bit more knowledge I could get things sounding a lot better and more polished (I don't find youtube videos that useful!). And that's before I take into account Eric's note choice, fluidity and composing abilities on one of the best songs ever to grace this site ;) But there we go. I was trying to come up with a song with a few different themes, and for once a slightly darker lead melody instead of the happy-happy stuff I usually do. I also dug out the 7-string and fretless to make it sound a bit different to normal.

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