A Musical Box

Finally moved in my new place, this is my 1st project in my new quarters. Its an old song of mine, but i was playing it often before the move, so decided to record it.
Originaly it was a 3 guitar tracks thing, but while doing it i was earing violins or strings in my head, so looked in what i had for strings and started playiing around, only to endup playing what was the 2nd guitar originaly and i quickly understood that that was the strings i was earing as i was playing it. So it became the strings. My 3rd track was slow melodies thrown around in vaious places, but it did;nt feel to right with the strings in, so i began to look for a 3rd voice instrument and ended up using a soprano sample set from Omnisphere.
Its a 2 movement song, the 1st being a more "dreamy, waltzy" one, and the 2nd a more melancholic or nostalgic one.
Hope you guys enjoy my little voyage.

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