Well almost everyone else has had a shot at ya Pointy, I figured it was my turn to contribute to the legacy.

I called this one Stitched because it's a mess of pieces that I tried a little experiment on to see if I could get them to tie together. 
This one took a while, because I was away from home for almost 8 months this year.  But mostly because I'm a lazy arse.

I used about every guitar I have, and even miked up a Marshall for the heavier rhythm sounds. Our neighbors now hate me.  

Done in SonarPE, the last project in 4.  I'll be back in school with 7 next week.

Drums were pieced together loops from the Beta Monkey Double Bass collection, and the synth bass was actually a guitar running through a Korg Pandora.
There were many things on here that were triple, and even quadruple tracked manually trying to build some meat up, and consequently I learned a lot of things I shouldn't do.  After muddling through
it, and having a few select opinions, I think I'm finally happy.

Hope ya'll like it.  If you don't, stay away from the beer.

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