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Guitar War is a website dedicated to helping our members improve in all aspects of their playing, be it style, technical prowess, composing, or recording. Competitions are available for guitarists, bassists, piano/synth players, singers, and composers.

Our members compete in friendly "cuttings heads" style competitions, looking to showcase their talents or just get some great critical feedback.

We know that lessons are great, scales are good to know, and you should always practise. But if you really want to focus in and find out what areas you can improve on, take everything you've got and leave it all in the ring at Guitar War.

We encourage new members to spend some time checking out some of the old and new wars. Get an idea for how the competitions work, and what kind of criticism to expect.

Our critique is smart, incisive, and well-considered. It's laser-targeted to your individual competition and skill level. You won't find pointless limp comments or flame-fests at Guitar War.

Without a doubt, we have learned that receiving and giving critique is the extra boost you need to push your skills to the highest possible levels.

Critique has a "Stair-Step" Effect – Members who consciously incorporate critique from one competition raise their skill levels at their next competition.

Critique Builds Confidence – While we do discourage flaming, we don't think competitors need to be handled with kid gloves, either. Healthy competition and frank commentary build a musician's confidence like you wouldn't believe.

Giving Critique Makes You a Better Musician – We've found that musicians who actively critique competitions… themselves become better musicians. It's a fact.

We use an Elo rating system to determine competitor ranks. Each member begins with an average rating and then gains or loses points based on the outcomes of their wars. Ratings are separated by guitar, bass, synth, vocal, and song, with an overall rating that is calculated by an average of these categories.

The amount of points you gain or lose are based on your Elo rating compared to your competitor.

Even Rating
P1 Rank P2 Rank
1000 1000
Win Chance
50% 50%
Win Points
15 15
Lose Points
15 15
Draw Points
0 0
Player 1 Higher
P1 Rank P2 Rank
1200 1000
Win Chance
76% 24%
Win Points
7 23
Lose Points
-23 -7
Draw Points
-8 +8

Elo rating is known for being the recognised chess rating, and various adaptions are used in numerous other competitive sports as well as MMO games such as Guild Wars (GvG) World of Warcraft (Arena) and League of Legends. We believe that Elo ratings give a good indication of a players actual abilities, and prevent players from being penalised for mismatched encounters.

There's so much more to Guitar War than just the competitions! Member's can share their music through "Showcases", where you can share your songs and receive feedback in a non-competitive atmosphere, as well as commentating on other members wars and showcases, and sharing in the discussions on our members forums. Give and receive advice, criticism, and assistance and hear some great new talent while you're at it!

But I think that if you experience one of our Wars, you'll see that there's nothing to be afraid of! We focus on positive and constructive criticism only. If you can open yourself to hearing honest opinions from musicians of all skill levels and experiences, then you will truly be able to start improving.

While Guitar War is obviously a competition based site, it exists for no other reason than to help musicians improve their ability to find their voice on their chosen instrument.

We believe that if you have more tools available to you, you are able to express yourself better in the way you intend. Every musician has a unique perspective and experience, and we hope that by sharing your experiences and thoughts with us that we can all improve together.

Nothing! Membership is completely free! But you might see some advertising... hey, we do need to pay the bills.

All we ask is that you have a good time, be supportive of other members, and try to be an active member of our online community.