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  • Craig's story

    Even though he's been playing bass for 30 years, Craig Radi aka Radman admits that his skill level upon joining the Guitar War community was just "average."

  • Rays's story

    Ray is struck by the diversity of people and styles found on Guitar War. Even so, he finds that all musicians still have the same set of dreams and hopes.

  • Ross' story

    One day Ross Pearson was innocently Googling for a guitar tab, when he stumbled on the Guitar War site. 5 years later, he is still "amazed" by the community.

Sure, You Need to Practice Your Music -
But Listen to How a Community of Musicians Has Hit Upon a Way to...
Make practice time glide effortlessly by
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Without a doubt you have heard the cliche "practice makes perfect." Well, the community of guitarists, bass players, singers,and others at Guitar War have done extraordinary...

You see, to hit your musical peak you do need to practice. Lots of practice. Hard data shows that around 10,000 hours are required to hone a musician's skills to perfection.

  • FACT: All great musicians reach the top by practicing for thousands of hours.
  • FACT: Practice is a grind.

At Guitar War, we don't like practicing scales and arpeggios any more than you do. So, we hit upon a great way to log massive practice hours -- without all that pain and suffering.

Now, just how do we do that?

Practice perfected
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Not only that, experts say that those practice hours need to be continually accelerative. Like a bodybuilder who keeps adding weight to his regimen, you need to keep raising the level of your ability.

In the Guitar War community, it's a piece of cake to match yourself with better and better musicians - turning up the fire under your musician education.

When you're not competing, you can critique other musicians' performances and help judge competitions. We've found that this critique component is just as important to perfecting your skills as is participating in competitions.

"I initially didn't understand how music could be treated as a sport..." A member of the Guitar War family since 2004, Owain Williams (Pyrostasis) goes on to say, ...but then I checked out a few of the benefits of the site, like access to all sorts of incredible guitar music, an encouraging and knowledgeable community and for me, the most important, the motivation to want to beat some of the monster players!"

Do you ever find yourself looking at your watch when practicing? Ever wish to be doing something other than laboriously clocking practice time?

Don't worry, you're not the only one. So, we have developed a proven approach to powering through those practice hours. We have 'perfected practice time' with this simple-yet-effective method:

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You May Think We're Exaggerating, But...
Your practice hours will whiz by as you have fun competing and learning with your friends on Guitar War.

That's right - when you're competing at Guitar War, your practice hours melt by with ease. Competition becomes practice, not just a substitute for practice.

What's a 'Competitive Community'?
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Sure, there are tears. Sometimes blood and sweat, too. But friendships are made. Alliances struck. Careers forged. And as the saying goes, "A good time is had by all."

Guitar War member Ray Thiessen tells us that the number one thing for him is the community and the opportunity to learn from musicians from all over the world. "Not a lot of people in my circle speak the language of a musician," says Ray, "but on this site everyone speaks it. They are so friendly that it blows me away.

Check out Guitar War and see if we're the competitive community you need to accelerate your musical education.

The MW Gang

We're looking for musicians just like us. All we ask from you is that you have that spark. That desire to become the best musician you can ever be.

You could be the aspiring singer with stars in his eyes. Or the guy who put down his axe a decade ago and wants to get his chops up again. Or a 15 year professional veteran who wants to push herself even higher.

What matters is what's in your heart, and that's what we have in abundance in the Guitar War community.


    We are a tight community. We pit ourselves against fellow musicians in all-out competitions judged by peers. Yes, winners are decided on, but that isn't the point at all. Each competitor gets tons of helpful critical comments during the competition (especially the one who didn't win). Every musician emerges from competition a better musician.

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    Web servers. Hosting. Software. It all costs real American dollars. Rather than see this wonderful thing we have created disappear, we reach into our pockets once a month and chip in. We'd love to do this for free, but there are two reasons (plus one secret reason) why we don't. And we think you'll understand too after we explain Guitar War's pricing manifesto...

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    Even though he's been playing bass for 30 years, Craig Radi aka Radman admits that his skill level upon joining the Guitar War community 4 years ago was just "average." At the time, this Windsor, Wisconsin resident wasn't sure what he was getting into with Guitar War - but he soon found out...

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    Sure, there are plenty of ways to sharpen your musical skills. But we have stumbled on one trick that is worth stacks of books and years of lessons. It's called "the spirit of friendly competition," and through it you can exponentially boost your learning curve and reach the peak of your own musical perfection.

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